martes, 24 de enero de 2012

Practical beauty: takes advantage to the hair mask

You usually use mask to your hair, but her you're using well? It is not enough applied after shampoo and remove it with water. It suggests these tips!
WhenNormally we submit to our hair to many factors that damage it - dyes, wicks, Loos, swimming pool, Sun, etc.- and protection is especially important. The mask has an intensive hydration and protection power, so its use is indicated on a regular basis to counter the damage we have caused to our hair.
HowBeatriz Matallana, official hairdresser of the Pasarela Cibeles gives this advice: "Apply the mask in already dry hair with a towel, and after the implementation, wrap you head a towel soaked in hot water." Leave between five and ten minutes and clarifies with very cold water. "The result, spectacular". In addition, Pantene Pro-V, Rafael Artero, shampunier requires that "the important thing is to enhance the effect of the mask and a good trick is through heat, that we can get it in the same shower, washing the hair first and letting acting the mask for the duration of the shower." But we can also do it a posteriori, for example with a shower CAP or with a towel dampened in hot water. "In any case, you must leave the product for at least 3 minutes."
And in addition– If the hair is long, the mask has to be carried out from the ends towards the middle of the hair. On the other hand, if the hair is short, the product shall apply only at the tips. In both cases, it is important to avoid the mask to come into contact with the root.
-The frequency of use depend on the State of health of hair, but we recommend starting treatment using two or three times per week and, subsequently, once a week.

'I want my hair to grow faster, is it possible to get it?'

'Quiet!, if the hair grows'. We are sure that at some time before an 'outrageous' at the hairdressers you've heard this phrase. And it is correct, because if something makes the hair, it is to grow, but sometimes at one rate slower than we would like, especially when they have gotten the scissors than desired. While it is true that hair, sooner or later, it grows, sometimes that time is eternal.
Therefore perhaps you you've raised as to whether it is possible to accelerate the pace of growth of hair in some way. You do not make too many illusions, because everything seems to indicate that not. And it is that this pace is genetically determined and cannot be changed with crecepelos or with magical potions. "In a healthy person without associated alterations the hair follicle growth follows a pace determined genetically," says Dr. José Luis López Estebaranz, Adviser of L'Oréal Paris dermatologist.
The only thing you can do is to cut only the tips often (and use much conditioner to protect Meanwhile as possible), as will need it: more important than having long hair is look so beautiful, healthy and bright, as there is nothing sadder than a long mane, but neglected.
Beware food and stressBut although there is no magic recipe, some experts and hair professionals believe that Yes, there are factors that can affect more or less slow hair growth. It is true that the anxiety, a bad diet and stress can adversely affect the process of hair growth. A good solution would be to undergo relaxation treatments and massages, so as to improve the blood circulation.
As we said before, length which reaches the hair of every person is genetically determined, and diminishes as the years pass: with age, hair tends to break before that during adolescence. Vitamin complexes are one of the traditional solutions for women with hair loss problems. Although each person needs to solutions of different features and recommended by a specialist, vitamin B, iron, zinc and magnesium are vital for a healthy hair. "The existence of a deficit of iron, or vitamins, hormonal diseases (tiroideas…)" "or systemic and intake of certain medications can have a negative effect on hair growth", points out Dr. López Estebaranz.
There are many experts who believe that hair grows more if nutrition is adequate. If healthy eating is good for our health, it is also for our hair; in this sense, a diet rich in vegetables and fruits is advisable to get a splendid hair. Because when the diet deteriorates, the hair also suffer. Above all, it must have patience! And if not, always you can resort to extensions!

The keys of the semirrecogido, step by step

If the bow just not convince you, or you find it difficult to perform, there is another option that you can bet and that can be equally favorable, the semirrecogido. It is a very easy to do hair and that allows to show off a beautiful Mane in a more comfortable way. In addition, it is not bad experience with hair and try different hairstyles to give fresh air to the looks of the day to day. Indeed, it is one of the many famous for attending premieres and parties. But do you know how to do it? Let's try to help you with the advice of Aquarela hairdresser. Takes note of the step by step to do so by clicking here.

domingo, 22 de enero de 2012

The 'looks' of the actresses in the Golden Globe, retail

The Golden Globe marked the kick-off - with permission of the People's Choice - for the large galas that every beginning of year, let us images of the red carpet with dazzling outfits. And how could it be otherwise, hairstyles and looks for comment and trends that, surely, pisarán strong in the coming months. Thus, we have seen several coincidences in the hairstyles of some of the actresses who attended, as they were many that bet on collected basses, with Ray and lateral fringe, a female and very successful bet.

But many have also been actresses that have opted for singles 'looks' with hair loose and undulating, case of Salma Hayek, Madonna or Jessica Biel.

And, as it could not be otherwise, the collected classic also have had your hole, with female ribbons, which left the unobstructed front, like Angelina Jolie or Natalie Portman.

sábado, 21 de enero de 2012

More volume in your hair? It is possible!

One of the wishes of many women, is get more volume in his mane. Not rarely we have given you advice to try to get it, but this time, we have an extra, professional advice from the hairdressers Cebado, where recommend us five keys to hair natural volume despite the inclemencies of the time, especially the wind and the humidity in the winter.
1. Easy hairstyle, thanks to an appropriate court.You must bear in mind that the chosen court is essential. Primed uses a technique of combined with a very hurry paraded Court of emptying by the lower layers to Texturize hair, which gives greater thickness of inside out, so own cutting marks the style and very specially the volume in any type of hair. Even thin hair are transformed gaining vitality and ease, with just wash and dry.
2 Dry and apply the correct product.After washing the hair with a shampoo in volume, it is necessary to eliminate moisture with a towel. We'll then apply foam or lotion by volume, choosing the texture according to hair type, for the fine is better the lotion because it adds weight to the hair, for the rest it is better to foam.
3 Brush, comb, and lift the root.To give volume it is best to use brush round and thick, because it will be easier to take off the roots and give greater volume to the hair. To enhance the effect enough to vaporize a little lacquer on the roots while we held the Tufts taking off the roots with the brush.
4. With the dryer.It is the time of a massage with the palms of the hands on the roots, so is mobilize in all directions, even turning the head down. Then dry the hair with the dryer in this position and if you use much better diffuser head, because it will boost the volume.
5 Meet the enemies of the volumeLet yourself advise. Some hair cosmetic products are especially heavy for certain hair. For example some fine hair become shining and without volume with nutritious, with foam or gel cosmetic, so the best thing is to consult with the hairdresser to matching the texture of cosmetics.

jueves, 19 de enero de 2012

Kristen Stewart, new Muse of a perfume

The year begins and they begin to announce the new signings of signatures. The first opening of the list is the actress Kristen Stewart, you just sign for Balenciaga signed to become the new image of her next fragrance, which will be released next fall.
"I adore the Balenciaga fashion because it is unbelievably bold, with its own character, and the women's time and sexy". I found this project a real creative freedom. "I feel very honored and really proud to be the face of this new fragrance", said the actress, famous for his portrayal of Bella in the Crecúspulo series.
One of the people involved in his move has been Nicolas Ghesquière, Creative Director of Balenciaga, wearing time costs for the actress: "Kristen Stewart expresses the modernity of the new fragrance Balenciaga thanks to its unique sensitivity and intelligence." Since its early appearance in Panic Room (the panic room) to its presence in the independent film Welcome to the Rileys, have seen their progression. In 2006, I invited her to appear in a project shot by Bruce Weber. "Since then, always I wanted to collaborate with it, knowing that it shares the radical spirit of Balenciaga again".
"Kristen Stewart is the perfect choice that expresses the unique insight that Nicolas Ghesquière has for the second chapter in our history in fragrances," said Isabelle Guichot, delegated Advisor of Balenciaga. And it is that it is not the famous first linked the mythical signing, as Nicolas Ghesquière also put his eyes in the French actress and singer Charlotte Gainsbourg for Balenciaga Paris.

miércoles, 18 de enero de 2012

Perfume: the perfect gifts for Kings

One of the most common gifts during the holiday season is the perfume. You can see the amount of ads we see them on television all the time. The colonies once again be, once again, the big bet for gifts this year. It is a very common and relieved gift but it is also complete, that take advantage of large firms to innovate, take their limited editions and create original boxes and chests. There are many types to choose, from the classics to the new proposals, any perfume can be a good gift provided that suits the tastes of the person.